cubo protocol

Node up.Contribute to Liquidity.

A node protocol that owns its liquidity and has a community managed treasury that's distributed to the community through buybacks.
Stable passive income
Daily ROI from 0.1% to 1% depending on initial investment
Nodes for everyone
We offer 8 different node sizes so you invest as much as you want
Simple to use
Our app is simple to use and you can get started in 3 easy steps

What we're about.

A stable return on investment that will last indefinitely.
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up to 100 CUBO per node / day
CUBO in rewards pool
Active investors
choose between 8 types of nodes

The bigger the node,
the better the daily return

Planck Cubo
25 CUBO x 25 DAI
0.1 CUBO/day
Femto Cubo
50 CUBO x 50 DAI
0.3 CUBO/day
Pico Cubo
75 CUBO x 75 DAI
0.6 CUBO/day
Nano Cubo
100 CUBO x 100 DAI
1 CUBO/day
Mini Cubo
250 CUBO x 250 DAI
3 CUBO/day
Kilo Cubo
500 CUBO x 500 DAI
7 CUBO/day
Mega Cubo
1000 CUBO x 1000 DAI
16 CUBO/day
Giga Cubo
5000 CUBO x 5000 DAI
100 CUBO/day
LP tokens pool

Protocol owned

When a node is minted we create a CUBO-DAI liquidity pair in SushiSwap and store the LP tokens in the contract's pool. This means that CUBO will always have enough liquidity to be traded. The more nodes are minted, the more liquid CUBO has.

Fast, simple & effortless.

Step 1
Connect Wallet
Step 2
Purchase CUBO
Step 3
Purchase DAI
Step 4
Setup a Node
How profits are distributed

Treasury & staking

When a node is created, part of the revenue from that node goes into the Cubo treasury. This treasury is then invested in liquidity pools in the MATIC network and other Defi investments. The profits from these investments are then distributed to investors in 2 ways:
1. A part of the profits are used to buyback the token in the market. This creates constant buy pressure.
2. You'll be able to stake CUBO in our staking contract in order to receive a percentage of the treasury profits.
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What’s Cubo?
Cubo is a node protocol that owns its liquidity and that manages a community generated treasury. The profits from this treasury are farely distributed back to the community.
Why does Cubo exist?
We're very passionate about passive income, we set out to create a passive income machine that would just work by itself.
How can I participate?
We're in the Polygon network. 1. Buy CUBO, 2. Buy DAI, 3. Setup a node by providing CUBO and DAI at the same amount.
What's in it for me?
A stable return. Cubo pays a daily return per node, depending on the type. That's effectively between 0.1% and 1% per day.

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A stable return on investment that will last indefinitely.
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